This article is for Admins.

You can create a milestone to celebrate employee anniversaries at the company any time by going to: MANAGE > MILESTONES

Before you create milestones, make sure that all your employee profiles include their joining date with your organization. 

Simply select 'Create Anniversary Award', then complete the following:

1. Provide a name (e.g. 5-Year Anniversary)

2. Select a time period (e.g. After 5 years)

3. Enter the number of points employees will earn for this milestone

4. Select the badge employee will be awarded (be sure to create badges specific to your milestones)

5. Add a celebratory message that will apply to all employees reaching this milestone (e.g. Congratulations on 5 wonderful years with Acme Corp! We look forward to celebrating many more with you.)

6. Finally, if employees are put into teams, then the Team Lead for each is notified of his/her Team Member's milestone.