To understand how to create rules for your automatic campaign, start watching this video at 1 minute 30 seconds.

This article is for the Super Admin, Admins, and Team Leads.

You may also find our other article, Create a campaign, helpful on this topic.

Automatic campaigns "automatically" assign awards to your employees based on their results.

An automatic campaign can have different types of rules that determine how those awards (e.g. points and badges) are assigned to employees.

Before you finish creating your campaign (Step 4), you can select "Approve all results entered" so that all results entered by employees must be approved by you before awards are assigned to them.

Ongoing earn

This rule allows you to award employees each time they achieve a result.

For example: Earn 1 point for every $1 sold.

If an employee enters $5, they will earn 5 points. The next day, if they enter another $10, they will earn another 10 points, and so on until the campaign ends.

Important: If you set more than 1 ongoing earn rule in the same campaign, all will be triggered when their thresholds are met.

For example: Earn 1 point for every $1 sold. Earn 3 points for every $2 sold.

If an employee sells $2, she will actually earn 5 points because both rules will be triggered.

Threshold bonus

This rule allows you to award employees (e.g. with points and badges) when a results threshold is met.

For example: Earn 100 points for $100 sold.

A threshold can only be met once in a campaign. So if an employee sells $200, they will still only earn 100 points.

Important. If you set more than 1 threshold bonus in the same campaign, each one can be triggered by an employee.

For example, 100 points for $100, 250 points for $250.

In this campaign, employees selling $250 will actually earn 350 points because they will have hit both thresholds.

Winner takes all

In this format, one employee or team is assigned the awards for having the best result at the end of the campaign.

For example: 100 points and the Top Sales Person badge

Only the person with the highest result as of the campaign close date will earn the 100 points and Top Sales Person badge.

Important: If you set more than 1 winner takes all rule, all of them can be triggered by the employee with the highest result.